Our Customers come first. Hear what they have to say

“The new cloud-based Toolkit is nothing short of fantastic, the new reports, the speed and the ability to manipulate data has assisted the school greatly. The web page layout is easy to follow and the selection options within the reports, enables the use to quickly obtain the information they’re after. To be honest, we really couldn’t be without the cloud-based Toolkit option”

John Hall — Business Manager — Nayland College

“I would like to pay Toolkit and Kristine in particular a huge gratitude of thanks. The software enables me to do my role and the support that is provided is first class. Kristine has a vast wealth of knowledge which is invaluable and is able to support you through the many essential tasks with ease and confidence.  Quite simply Toolkit excels.  The reports that you have available at your fingertips are everything that you could need and everything that you didn’t know you needed until you need it. It is just simply the best tool for the job!  Thanks Toolkit – you are amazing!”

Helen Martin  — Administrative Officer — George Street Normal School

“The Toolkit software actually probably saved my sanity. I think it saves me at least 3-4 hours per fortnight, and the best thing about it is that it’s so very easy to use.
Access via the browser makes it even easier to access the Draft SUE report for checking. The G/L Code report is an amazing time saver as well. The banking staffing reports budgeting ability eliminates guesswork. I would highly recommend it to any school.”

Rowan Dunnet, Business Manager, Cromwell College

“We wish we had starting using this software earlier. We especially like that all the information is online and very easy to access. So many of the tasks I was doing manually are now not needed as the toolkit helps with this. New features are being added all the time.”

Gillian Ellison — Ruru Specialist School

“I have been involved with Payroll Toolkit from the development stages. It has saved hours and is a must have management tool for the senior team. My favourite tool is the banking staffing spreadsheet, being able to plan and budget ahead. While I have always used other banking staffing spreadsheets available toolkit is integrated and easier to use. As a quick look up tool, managing unit allocations, leave queries, checking the draft payrolls I would feel like my right arm had been chopped off if I didn’t have Toolkit as a payroll/HR management tool.”

Cheryl Jenkins — Business Manager — Avonside Girls’ HS & Shirley Boys’ HS 

“Toolkit has more than halved the time it has taken to check my payroll and now that Toolkit is online, I can head off on holiday and know that I have access while I am away if I need to. David and his team are always proactive about ideas from the users, so Toolkit is always evolving. It makes me look good as I have a myriad of information at my fingertips. I now would not be without Toolkit… it’s the first thing that goes in the budget”

Maxine Bird — Executive Officer — Mount Aspiring College

“Toolkit (cloud-based) is, without doubt, the best thing since sliced bread when it comes to analyzing and verifying MOE payroll. It saves time with fortnightly checking and verification of SUE reports, it produces reports that are user-friendly and informative, and it makes managing of Banking Staffing a breeze. I am so grateful to David for creating this fantastic interface for us to use.”

Nawa Ruckes, Business Manager – Rotorua Boys’ High School

“As the Executive Officer who is tasked with all the payroll functions at a large Auckland college, I have found the cloud-based Toolkit even more invaluable than the desktop version. When the Principal comes to me with a request to which she usually wants an immediate response (how many units are staff here getting, how much sick leave have they been taking and who takes the most etc) I can usually do it within minutes. I highly recommend this tool for anyone having to deal with school payroll.”

Frederike Cannan – -Executive Officer — Northcote College

“Payroll Toolkit has completely changed the payroll experience for me. The best feature is the link to the forms that save so much time when you are processing the SUE report every fortnight. Coming from a school with well over 200 employees the time saved has been immense. Thank you Payroll Toolkit”

Fiona Merritt — Epsom Girls Grammar School 

“I am the Executive Officer of Mahurangi College. We have been using Payroll Toolkit for some time, have not used it to its full potential and yet have found it to be so very useful. The new cloud-based version is a huge step up. I love the reports available on the Dashboard at a glance and the Questionable Items Alerts is so handy. We discovered an issue while going through the training with David and we were able to attend to it immediately. I have no hesitation in recommending this programme.”

Carla Strachan — Executive Officer –Mahurangi College

“We are a large school and we rely on Payroll Toolkit to keep track of all of our teachers and support staff. The Toolkit speeds up the completion and accuracy of payroll forms for us. The extra reporting available on Toolkit helps us with planning and keeping track of staff changes. We have lots of staff who can’t decipher the payslips they receive; the Toolkit is a great tool to explain to staff what they have been paid. The Toolkit has become an absolutely essential piece of software for us that we rely on daily.”

Business Manager – Auckland

“I am the payroll clerk for a large Auckland secondary school. Frankly, the toolkit will save you time and money (and stress!).The individual benefits are too numerous to mention but a few outstanding features are the user friendliness of the interface, ability to drill down on individual staff over any time period. The fact you can log and track any issues and see at a glance what has changed in a person’s pay between pay cycles. Numerous reports that enable you to sort your data by funding codes, management units, earnings reports and day relief. Investment in the toolkit is a must have and I highly recommend it.”

Linda Jackson — Finance Officer — Orewa College

“Using the online Toolkit has made checking SUE reports a lot faster for us showing reasons for differences in pay. It also allows location flexibility to check from anywhere. The Toolkit has picked up some errors like loadings which were omitted by Novopay. Automated form filling is a time-saver. New reports and features are added regularly, response times to queries is very fast and helpful. We are a small Area School and find this tool invaluable.”

Akaroa Area School “Toolkit is essential!

If you have it, you know how wonderful it is; if you don’t have it, you need it! It takes the guess work out of checking payroll reports. It allows searches of virtually any payroll query It provides pre-filled Novopay forms. Its reporting is superb.
Save yourself stress and time and you’ll become another fan as all who use it are. Thoroughly recommend it.”

Michael O’Flaherty — Executive Officer — Taita College

“I have been a user of Toolkit since 2015, when it was still in its early stages. As a new Executive Officer at that time, Toolkit made the transition into the role so much easier and allowed me to really understand the ins and outs of payroll and reporting. After moving out of education for 18 months, then coming back into an EO role, signing up for Toolkit was first on my agenda. I was so pleased to see it was now web based and the improvements have been significant. Using the Toolkit for

Banked Staffing has been of huge benefit, being able to quickly and accurately forecast and enter information, with the recent strikes, using the reports for which staff are on CA’s or IEAs was excellent!! Now being web-based, having our Princpal and DPs also being able to access the information is of huge benefit. I highly recommend toolkit to all schools!!”

Brenda – Kamo Intermediate

“New to the education sector, I was struggling with the way that the existing process for journal preparation to enter bulk funded employees, with a little tidy up in Novopay and with the addition of Toolkit and the G/L report in my armory what was taking me two hours is now a five-minute job. I have also been able to use the toolkit to forecast banking staff and in the process make recommendations to my Principal when it is a good time to move staff between bulk grant and banking staff, and vice versa.”

EO — South Canterbury School

“Toolkit has saved me an ENORMOUS amount of time – particularly in checking the payroll and managing changes by prefilling forms. It’s also great for extracting data whether it be for an individual or a group and managing units. In addition, the support is wonderful – help with set up and features, no question too silly and so much patience! The benefits in time saving far outweigh the costs…every school should have Toolkit!!”

Maree Smith — Executive Officer — Northern Southland College

“We are loving the cloud-based Toolkit. I was recently asked for a list of all days worked by a relief teacher over the past 3 years – how easy it was to download the details with the Individual Pay History Export report and put into the required format.”

Margaret Trenberth — Payroll/Finance Administrator — St Peter’s College